Tuesday, September 20, 2011

There She Goes.

For some time Lily has been saying
"I'm going to school in September."

And after a fun school picnic a week ago, staged outside a beautiful and imposing church, she's now been inside.
There was much anticipation, discussion, a bit of apprehension and outfit changing. She refused hair clips and ponytails, in favor of her let-it-flow shag, finally paired a shirt with leggings, insisted on bringing a purse, a ladybug backpack with additional purses, a few music shakers and other important items inside.

They all remained in her cubby.

She spent the morning in somewhat of a quiet, observational mode.

Just like her dad, taking it all in.

But some of her energetic spark broke through - she cooked in the kitchen, took care of six babies, washed her hands three times at the perfect height sink, found and hoarded scarves and shakers, did a few puzzles. I was able to step outside the room a couple of times, to minimal protest, and when class finished she rushed to the door, poked her head out and excitedly told me "Mama! School's over!". She made it through a transitional hour just fine, and even exclaimed "that was fun!". She later recounted to her Granny that her favorite part of the morning was snack.

Just like her mama, Alan would surely have joked.

Big day.
For us both.
Moving forward separately, together.

She has an insatiable curiosity and days are loaded with questions, which are getting harder to answer. I'm hoping her teachers will help me out.

Why did Humpty Dumpty fall? Why couldn't they put him back together?

Did his body break? (Loaded? Or straight-forward question?)

Why was the baby/cradle in the tree?
Who put it there? (Irresponsible lyrics.)

And as of last night, Why is Bonnie in the Ocean?

How does one explain to a two and a half year old that Bonnie means pretty, should really be paired with Lass which is another name for a girl and that she lies over the ocean, not in it, which means she's really on the other side of it, and that the sea is kind of like an ocean?

Please, Raved-About-Lauded-WidelyPraised-Wonderful-School,

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