Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hail Teacher.

Animated morning, field trip to the zoo.
Lily was ready.
Dressed with a gymnastics medal slung over her shoulder,
Like zookeepers wear, she said.

The classroom was buzzing.
And as teachers ushered them all onto their first school bus I was emotional yet again to witness this First.
Lily's been wanting to ride a Big Yellow Bus for years.

Big Morning.

And once again, we wave our kids off -
And with breakneck speed intentionally skirt over those deep-seated concerns looming in the furthest recesses of our minds as they begin their day,
away from us.

And then I remind myself, she's in such good hands.
The Best Teachers.

How graced we are - to have them as part of our family.
Monday's tornado horror they were throwing themselves on top of their flock.
Sheltering them, saving them.

Beautiful instinct, selfless action.

Comforting, coddling, watching over them ever-closely.

I never fail to marvel during parent-teacher conferences at how well they know my girl.
Her antics, her strengths, her challenges.
Tapped into her personality with remarkable specificity.
They get her.
They get them all.

How lovingly they watch and tend our garden.

Almost bigger than fire fighters, police officers, soldiers, emergency workers.
There before the storm.
And through it.

Give these people raises.


Superheros they are.


Friday, May 10, 2013

True Story.

This morning's first words, 7:08am:
"Is Daddy at work already?"

Ahh beautiful, longing and wishful imagination.
If only this dream were true.
How I wish we could Disney it up in our home
Snap our fingers a la Mary Poppins and have him appear.
Just for a hug.
A really long one.
Eternal in fact.
Give that girl one of those, and then reach out your arm and bring me in too.
Sandwich her in

Oh Pumpkin, you know he's not.

He IS!

Into the bathroom she goes, door closes.
Ten minute silence draws me in there to find her naked and cross legged on the toilet.
Are you meditating?
Yes, she says.

It's Friday.
Almost Eve of Mother's Day.
And as challenging as parenting is, I'm grateful for this.

Our family lost a dear friend just a few late nights ago.
Floated away gracefully, just as Alan did,
Heartbreak in her wake.
She was a friend and a mom and a grandmother.

Earth Mother, in fact.


Just that afternoon as Lily zoomed through photos on my phone she stopped and lingered on just one.
She stared long and hard, lost in thought.
Fixed gaze.
It was at that moment I feared it might be one of this woman's last.

Sure enough, it was.

Lily often prefaces her "accounts" with "this is a true story, ok Mama?"
OK I say.
Sometimes I think children have a very sixth sense about things.
A teacher from last year referred to her group of classmates as Crystal Children.
Perhaps this was what she meant.

I really think Karen's grabbed on to Alan -
hands strong, fingers interwoven
Memories and love flowing through, re-charging one another.

That's good.

Sad, but good.