Thursday, June 19, 2014


is for
Adam after Alan
Alan Always In My Heart
Adam Right Beside Him

Alan knew he'd someday Appear,
The Merry Widow
he'd tease me
But perhaps because of my broken heart,
He sent Another
To love me

Whatever it is or was he planned
that brought
Another Love
to know me,
He knew there was a Little Girl
Who also needed holding.

So then came Adam,
after Alan
With a heart and arms
for Two
Gave himself to both of us
As if he always knew

And though the Ache
for October Alan will never go away,
I thank him for Our Adam
Who's with us now today.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ladybug (He Watches Over) / Father's Day

I think

I know
There was a moment
when I was with Alan,
conversing with words you hope to never exchange

and somewhere in


in the air that
around words,
I lightly said
I will think of you
whenever I see

Of course,
I think of him always
as he knew
would -
but ever since,
they have
in perfect moments

in moments so poignant
it's as though they're choreographed.

For years, they have.

Almost six.

And every time I stop.
Shake my head.
And think, couldn't be,
could it?
Until the next time it happens, again.
And then,
I know.
It was.
The last time, it was he.

So yesterday when loving fingers
placed a ladybug in
Lily's hands,
I shook my head and smiled.
Couldn't be,
I thought.

It's not Tomorrow yet.

But then tonight a moving shadow lifted my gaze,
to the moulding on our living room wall.
And sure enough
There was Another, flicker crawling, lit from below.
Quick flits, fluttering wings, fleetingly present.
So now I know,
he was there
And came back today