Monday, June 22, 2015

Fly Away.

Summer's come.
Swept my girl out Kindergarten's door.
A year of words and books and ducks,
apples, weavings, workbooks and risks.

First Grade is hovering,
and Wednesday's morning found me
standing on the sidewalk,
eyes blurred by motherhood stun.
Left me holding a clay bird's nest -
resting cool and heavy,
in my hands.
My grasp fit her fingerprint grooves so well -
how grateful I was to share the mold..
A final holdout from
The Early Years.

We wrapped with a camping trip, her first sleep outdoors - 
in a tent I last used with Alan.
Still had some leaves and nature, stowed away, inside,
so we left it there, she and I.
Daddy Grass we called it.
She romped in the river, muddied with her friends,
ran wild, cooked s'mores,
relished in the dirt and freedom.
All hers, all weekend long.

Only thing missing was her dad and his guitar,
would have been nice in the campfire dark.

A week of milestones, right on time,
extra heavy with a dose of Father's Day,
waiting ahead.
Got that Mid-Week-Edge that eventually eased,
it's the approach that fills me with
bluesy musings.
But yesterday she got to show off Adam to her sleep-over friend,
an Almost Dad with just the right vibes.
"He's good at things" I heard her say as they vanished into her room.

And later last night as I was turning out the lights
in zoomed a ladybug that landed on our wall ~

Had to shake my head with sweet surprise,
rarely a no-show on days like these.
Not sure how he does it but once again,
He did.
Made me want to wake up Lily,
whisper Daddy was here for a quick hello.
But two girls down is no small feat,
so I'll tell her tonight that