Monday, February 9, 2015

Long. Live. Love. (Soaring Spirits)

Finally made it -
Camp Widow it's called, special place, special people -
Air rich with understanding,
hallway conversations with unnamed people -
introductions hardly needed.
Everyone just gets
of what
this loss
How easily I identify with instant tears.
Our hearts are all indelibly linked.
Never thought my first visit would be to share my own approach to honoring
people we love...
But I did it.

I did it.

And it felt good, so good,
to support others moving forward with their kids,
while always glancing back.

Gave Lily a commemorative tile I had made

I wish Mary Poppins was here so we could jump into it, Mama,
Yes, I know Pumpkin - wouldn't that be the best?
How did he get sick?
That's a good question, I just don't know -  I wonder that too -
Even the doctors aren't sure, so they're doing lots of science projects to figure it out.
He couldn't be breathed in?
No, Pumpkin, that wouldn't have helped.  Not for his kind of sick.
Like Dr. Martin Luther King - I wish they had breathed in him and then he could be alive.
Yes, Pumpkin, I agree.

Remarkable how many warriors exist today -
Strong children, strong parents -
So many who have lost so much,
Spouses with children,
Sons and daughters.
Athletes of the heart where you just keep
Pushing on through.
And to think I joined this weekend with Another Love
Another remarkable aspect of this surprising life.
Thought my longing and loneliness was terminal -
but I can gratefully say it wasn't so.
There were others there who have also found new partners
and they're all navigating with love and hope and respect.
an inspiring

And Alan was there -
Saw him on the sailboat,  and in the nautical knots,
the bar monkey murals...
He even played a song on the rental car radio.

Felt good to know he was
with us too.