Friday, December 4, 2015

Bleecker Street

Not quite sure
…  How
I might explain
The List
of names from yesterday's loss
to an almost seven year old girl, today.
Conversation so layered and loaded
and we've only just discussed families with nowhere to go, 
bad choices made to hurt people,
pollution in China, 
a vanishing island and 
Japanese internment.

She can read now.

And then I see 
Today's Names.
Like rings on a tree, 
each life was a generation -
and they all represented the soul of a country we are lucky


Johnson, Bet-badal, Godoy, Amanios, Kaufman, Bowman,
Velasco, Clayborn, Adams, Thalasinos, 
Nguyen, Espinoza, Meins, Wetzel

There They Are, Lily.  
Do you hear the sounds in their names?
see the sneaky consonants, 
the tricky vowel combinations -
Take a good look at all those names,
they celebrate heritage, harbor hope,
color our world 
and tell us how so many families,
like ours,
most likely all started 


What is there to destroy in those
Rainbow Names?

She is studying community.
The word rolls off her lips with pride,
hits the T with hear-me aplomb
she is only just seeing its beauty
for the very
first time.

I will someday have to talk this through with her,
though I hope it's not tomorrow.
She's taking in our
one thought at a time.
But her shoulders are small,
and she loves her Village.

Fog's sure to lift, 
soon enough.  
But for now, (shhhh….)...