Friday, March 2, 2012

How Will It Grow.

Lily took her third birthday by storm.

For a week before, the first question at dawn
Is it my birthday today?

She is heavily into the passage of time.
Runs to the clock,waiting for a hand to reach a number I've shown her
It turned Mama!
And in anticipation of other things to come she asks when they'll happen.
I try my best, but ahhh Time ~
To think that I thought explaining "Let It Be" was a stretch.

But the clock turned mama!
Yes Pumpkin, but...
A tough concept to grasp.
To explain.

Watching her grow every day is a dial all it's own.

What I do know is that what was once a green shoot is now truly flowering.
In all directions.
She challenges me with knowledge, offers theories about everything, and is insatiably curious. The outfits are more creatively outlandish.

She is talking about her dad at school, expressing facts
and wishes.

I enjoy her connections. And despite the bitter/sweet discoveries, I can now admire from an arm's length how she instinctively navigates her reality as it evolves.
I will always be by her side - but she is, on her own, stepping a bit further away, coloring her world with ideas, fantasies, and beginning to grasp her own truth.
And all that comes with that wondrous, enlightening and sometimes devastating word.

Such is the way of the world.
And she is growing up.

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