Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sun. Day.

I know this light.
Today's high sun - strong and growing distant, washing out its
reminding us all that
is near.

Seasons get me.

To me.

I can see Alan in this day's overexposed glint.
He is looking at me from a lounge chair, shadowed underneath his new Borsalino, on a beach in Taormina
Hand resting softly on his chest.
Cigarillo perched dashingly on his lips, a "lets play another life" moment ~
Where there is no threat advancing precariously under his hand,
causing the growing pain,
the discomfort of ribs cracking, an unwanted new twist,
horrendous outsider staking its claim over this
Much Loved Man.
I smiled at him, reassuringly, hopeful yet knowing, this honeymoon and its beauty was faster than fleeting.
And in our exchanged glance was an understood conversation
I know Babe, we'll line up an appointment
for the day we return.
Yes, I know.
I know.

And that's how it is, it was.
Love at it's finest.
It was.

And today as I wake to quiet and sun,
I recognize its beauty, its job:
Show up, shine light, retreat.

So easy some things seem to be.
How I wish I didn't feel like everyday was
a marathon for

Never knew I'd be such an expert long distance runner but apparently I am.


It would be nice,
oh so nice,
For One Moment,
it felt full

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