Tuesday, March 26, 2013

California Healin'.

Big Week.
Lily and I took off to California in search of Princesses and Mickey, with the dream of also seeing Mary Poppins. Met up with close friends and family along the way, an action packed week.

Expectations met.

Thank you Walt.

Lily is a dreamer and Disney pulled through. The highlight moment seeing Mary Poppins in the parade, with Lily whisper yelling down to me from atop a trashcan, MOM! It's the REAL one!

Smile. Heart felt good.
Wanted to take a victory lap up and down Main Street.
A monumental moment when I felt tangibly as though I was doing a good job.
Heard the roar of the way-to-go-Sus-crowd in my mind.
Glorious feat pulled off.

In truth it was all Mary.

But I think it was one for The Books.
May she remember it forever.

It was surreal looking up at my girl, silhouetted by a steady blue California sky, watching her mouth every word to supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus, marveling at the fact that I now have a four year old daughter who's making sure that the parade cast measures up to the movie.
Is this really happening?
And then to turn around to see my oldest friend with her girl, a first-timer too, eyes fixated on the same action - was... a flurry.
So many emotions balled up into a few minutes.
Ahh the power of Fantasyland.
Something to remember.
(and we didn't lose them once, either)

So Lily and Mad embraced it all with "let's do that again!" enthusiasm after every ride.
Running in PJs between rooms equally enjoyable, giggling, with noses freckle-dusted from sun.

And then a road trip to Santa Barbara, the ocean on my left as LA sprawl melted into palm trees with If I Can't Have You wafting out of our rental car radio.
Was good.
Nice. Easy.
THE easiest time with a child. They're stationary, strapped in, and hopefully independently occupied.
Love a road trip.
Ahhhh freedom.
So Good.

Saw family, Lily fed fish, put on shows and lay her head on her grandpa's lap.
A lovely destination.
She had her cousins for company and vacation mayhem, influencing her as only worshipped cousins will do.
I laughed when I wasn't worried for her life.
While I focused on the waves, they all drank from a fountain.
Not a water fountain.
No idea what else they were up to... Don't want to know.
Maybe Alan was on the lookout?

Week ended with grey whales and dolphins ushering us into Spring, everyone successfully remaining on-board.
Ocean does wonders for me, whales, equally palliative.
Beautiful, gentle beasts.
With my brother and dad by my side.
And a spirit as our escort.

Lily has been pointing to a tiny freckle she has on the palm of her hand.
It's Daddy, Mama.
Oh! I like that Pumpkin.

May be what kept her safe all week.

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