Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Wind. Morning Blues.

Two rough mornings in a row.

Sun's coming up too soon and with it the love child who is typically naked, noisy and ready.
Coiling her pearls on the wooden floor, blasting a.m. radio,
singing on the toilet, keeping me out of my own shower.
We now need to schedule our showers, despite the fact this child has her own.

Likes mine more.

And man does she take her sweet time, just like her dad.
On good days, I smile, inside and out, marveling over this creature that's no baby nor tot.
Other days, I curdle over the "tights too tiiiiiight" complaints that have apparently no answer.
Won't take em off, can't stand them on.
And then it snowballs before my eyes, and I'm arguing with a .... Creation Of Our Own Doing.
And I am dragged through dawn with problems foisted on me that I'm not allowed to assist with.
And then, like that, all I hear is dissonance.

Hello morning.
So kind of you to come.

Life is easier now, with a four year old brassy broad who'd drive herself to school if only I'd let her.
Due to age limits, the world still seems to revolve around her.

In loving truth, she's no broad, just a spirit with spine.
A girl with immense purpose.

But must we always be such athletes.

Some mornings I'm just tired of spinning.
Give me a dance.
A good, shake your ass dance.
Get me out of this morning funk.
Spring is here but the blossoms just got their pre-summer blow.
Wind took them away as it does every year, yet the warmth is slow to come.

Saw the Black Crowes a few weeks back and it just felt so good.
The music, the groove... it was... right.
What I needed.
And this song seems to be the only thing that feels good right now.
A bit of rescue.
Not sure what I'd do without music. Oh. And love.
But I'll let the music carry me for now.

And lean on the harmony when it's around.

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