Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cousin Love & Blues

Lily's Cousins breezed into town.
Their dad in tow,
our house was instantly full
Blankets, pillows, sheets carpeted the floors
For a week our tiny home was crowded with family

Never imagined my brother and I would get to see our children play
Siblings For a Week,
Lily got her fix
Though she could never get enough of those two,


Like adjectives, those two.
Names always spoken with revelatory urgency.

Hugs and more hugs,
tubs and more tubs.
One More Minute! 
Meals, dance, play and gospel
Indian and Harlem, playgrounds, streets and grass
So much for us all to take in.

Got to show them off at school,
My Cousins she calls them.
Shared them with our East Coast Half

Brought them by our Bench.
Uncle Alan's Bench.
And as I walked away with my brother,
arms wrapped around each others' backs
Jesus, he said,
You've been through a lot.

Nodded. Half smile.

I have, but we both have.
And we've never left each others' sides.

All knowing feeling we both share.
Lives like music -
Up and ups and way down downs
though now it wafts and floats.
Our tunes are better these days.

But this morning's gusts have flown them away
taking them home
to the Other Coast.
A slightly blue morning,
for me and my girl.
Full full hearts with a touch of tug.

Happily we will see them again.
Can't help but return again to this feel good song,
from our wedding day some time ago,
Always feels so right.
this is

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